Dr Shanmugasundaram K.

Dr Shanmugasundaram K.

Shanmugasundaram Karuppusamy was completed his under graduate programme in the year 2004 from Veterinary college and Research Institute, Namakkal, Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University. He did his master degree in the discipline of Veterinary Pathology from College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Mannuthy, Thrichur, Kerala Agricultutre University in the year 2006. He joined in this institute on 2008.


Research Interest

My area of research interest is in molecular characterization of bacterial and viral pathogens of animal origin and bacterial proteomics for biomarker discovery.


Research projects

He is associated with the following projects

  1. Isolation, maintenance and characterization of bacterial pathogens of animal origin and their molecular identification.
  2. Isolation and their molecular characterization of viral pathogens of   animal origin.
  3. 3.Molecular epidemiology and antigenic differentiation of equine influenza virus.
  4. Development diagnostics for equine influenza viruses.


Selected publications

  1.  B.C. Bera, K. Shanmugasundaram, Sanjay Barua, G. Venkatesan, Nitin Virmani, T. Riyesh, B.R. Gulati, V. Bhanuprakash, R.K. Vaid, N.K. Kakker, P. Malik, Manish Bansal, S. Gadvi, R.V. Singh, V. Yadav, Sardarilal, G. Nagarajan, V. Balamurugan, M. Hosamani, K.M.L. Pathak, R.K. Singh. 2011. Zoonotic cases of Camelpox infection in India.  Veterinary Microbiology.152: 29-38.
  2.  Nitin Virmani, B.C. Bera, Shanumugasundaram K, B.K.Singh, B.R.Gulati, R.K.Singh and R.K Vaid. 2011.  Genetic analysis of the matrix and non-structural genes of equine influenza virus (H3N8) from epizootic of 2008-09 in India. Veterinary Microbiology. 152: 169-175.
  3. Manuja A, Virmani N, Karupusamy S, Kumar Vaid R, Kumar Manuja B, Kumar S, Kumar Singh B.2011. Rectal prolapse and enteritis in a foal. Online J Vet Res. 15 (5): 462-467.
  4. Nitin Virmani, B.C. Bera, B.R. Gulati, Shanmugasundaram K, B.K. Singh, Rajesh Kumar Vaid, Sanjay Kumar, Rajendra Kumar, Parveen Malik, S.K. Khurana, Jitender Singh, Anju Manuja, Ramesh Dedar, A.K. Gupta, S.C. Yadav, P.K.Chugh, P.S.Narwal, Rakesh Kaul,Amit Kanani, B. Rautmare and R.K. Singh2010. Descriptive epidemiology of equine influenza in India (2008-2009): temporal and spatial trends. Vet. Italiana. 46: 449‐458
  5. Nitin Virmani, B.C. Bera, B.K. Singh, K. Shanmugasundaram, B.R.Gulati,   Sanjay Barua, A.K. Gupta, R.K.Vaid and R.K.Singh. 2010. Epidemiology of   equine influenza outbreak in India (2008-2009) and phylogenetic analysis of HA gene. Veterinary Microbiology. 143: 224-237.
  6.  P.M. Priya, K. Gururaj, P.Rameshkumar, and K. Shanmugasundaram. 2008Isolation and characterization of Pasteurella multocida from a wild boar. Indian Vet. J.85: 992-993.
  7.  S. Anoop and K. Shanmugasundaram. 2008. Mammary papillary adenocarcinoma in a bitch. Indian Vet. J.86: 510-511.
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