major research programme

The Centre has identified following major programmes for research


  • Surveillance and monitoring of important equine diseases including emerging and existing diseases with special emphasis on foal mortality and production losses.
  • Development of effective, affordable and preferably field based diagnostics against major equine diseases threatening equine health and production in India.
  • Development of effective, affordable and potent immunoprophylactics against important equine infectious diseases threatening equines in India.
  • Development of effective plant based products for management of some economically important equine diseases and to enhance performance in equines.
  • To provide diagnostic and consultancy services for beneficiaries particularly equine farmers and breeders.
  • Development of sustainable and economically viable AI technology for mule production in India using cryopreserved jack semen for use at farmers’ door.
  • Development and perfection of artificial insemination techniques in horse production using frozen semen of true to breed indigenous stallions for the consortium of threatening species in India.
  • Breed characterization and in situ conservation of various indigenous breed of horses.
  • Exploiting importance of equine draught power for economically weaker section of the society.
  • Extension activities and Institute Development Programmes for the upgradation of the indigenous breeds of equids in the different parts of the country in collaboration with the State Departments.