Horse Ecotourism at Bikaner Campus

Looking at the dwindling population of indigenous equines, ICAR- National Research Centre on Equines, Bikaner Campus has taken an initiative to conserve and propagate equines through ecotourism. The Campus is now been opened for the public, tourists and equine stakeholders. This initiative will enable more people to associate with equines and popularize the indigenous equines. The ambience of the campus is a big attraction. However, the campus has initiated Horse Riding, Pony Riding, Tonga Riding and Buggy Riding in the lush green zone of the campus to give nature-speaking environment on one hand and a Desert Point with a traditional hut for the fragrance of the state, the Rajasthan, on the other hand. The campus is endowed with nucleus herd of indigenous equines. The elite Marwari horses, the Pride of Rajasthan; Kathiawari horses, the Elegance of Gujarat; Zanskari horses, the Ponies of Ladakh and Manipuri horses, the Famous Polo Ponies along with the French Poitou donkey and White Gujarati Halari donkeys constitutes other major attractions. In order to update the visitors, farmers and students with the technical information about equines, an Equine Information Centre has been developed. An Equine Museum has also been developed to display the items and pictures related to equine husbandry and research. A herbal park has also been developed where the plants known for their medicinal use and application have been planted. The Campus is now open for the Pre-Wedding and similar kinds of shooting. The hydrotherapy pool for the natural treatment of equines is also worth visiting. Another beautiful part of the campus is the Souvenir shops offering the handicraft items, leather items and traditional Rajasthani dried vegetables for sale.