Equine health project


Sr. No. Title Team From To PIMS Code
1 Surveillance, Monitoring and Control of Emerging and Existing Diseases of Equines H. S. Singha*,  S.C. Yadav, B.R. Gulati, Rajender Kumar,  Sanjay Kumar, N. Virmani, Sanjay Barua,   Rajesh Vaid,  Ramesh Dedar, Anju Manuja, Balvinder Kumar and B. N. Tripathi April, 1997


Contin-uous Service


2 Nanobased therapeutic interventions against osteoarthritis Anju Manuja*, Balvinder Kumar and Riyesh T. April 2016 March 2019 IXX12559
3. In vitro growth inhibitory efficacy of different herbal plant extracts against Theileria equi and identification of principal drug molecule(s) thereof Sanjay Kumar*,  Rajender Kumar and Sushil Sept. 2017 Aug. 2019 IXX14012
4. Development of recombinant EHV1 viruses employing bacterial artificial chromosome mediated mutagenesis and their pathological evaluation in murine model Nitin Virmani*, B.C.Bera, Taruna Anand and B.N.Tripathi


April 2017 March 2020 IXX14011
5 Diagnosis and sequence typing of strains Streptococcus equi Balvinder Kumar*, R.K. Vaid, Anju Manuja, K. Shanmugasundram, H. Singha April 2018 March 2021 IXX14584
6. Comparative pathology of reverse genetics engineered equine influenza virus(es) in murine model Nitin Virmani*, Taruna Anand, BC Bera, BN Tripathi April 2018 March 2019 IXX14726
7 Characterization of Equine herpesvirus isolates in India and documentation of their genetic diversity B.R. Gulati*, Naveen Kumar, Riyesh T. Sept. 2018 Aug. 2021 IXX14746