External Funded Projects


Sr. No. Title Team From To PIMS Code
1 All India Coordinated Research Project on Utilization of Animal Energy with enhanced system efficiency (AICRP on UAE) R A Legha* and Yash Pal July, 2009 March, 2020 OXX00486
2 National Fellow Scheme-Development of sensitive and specific diagnostic assays for detection of Trypanosoma evansi infection in animals using modern molecular tools Rajender Kumar* April,  2011 April, 2019 OXX01431
3 DBT-NER Centre for Advanced Animal Diagnostics and Services on Animal Health and Diseases (ADSAHD) B.N. Tripathi*, Sanjay Barua, Nitin Virmani, S.C. Yadav, B.R. Gulati, Rajender Kumar, R.K. Vaid, B.C. Bera, Taruna Anand & Riyesh T. Sept., 2013 April, 2019 OXX02933
4 All India Network Programme on Neonatal Mortality in Farm Animals Sanjay Kumar*, Ramesh Dedar and B.R. Gulati

(Nitin Virmani was Co-PI upto 8th Aug., 2018)

Jan., 2015 March, 2020 OXX03934
5 CRP on Vaccines and Diagnostics B.R. Gulati*,

Component-I (B.R. Gulati& Nitin Virmani)

Component-II (B. R. Gulati & B.C. Bera, (Nitin  Virmani was Co-PI upto 8th Aug., 2018)

Component-III (Sanjay Kumar & Rajender Kumar)

May, 2015 March, 2020 OXX03182
6 Seroproteome analysis of recombinant secretory proteins of Burkholderia mallei towards development of multiple antigen immunoassay for improved diagnosis of glanders H.S. Singha* & K. Shanmugasundaram July 2017 July 2020 OXX03948
7 Molecular epidemiology of Japanese Encephalitis Virus in Pigs and Mosquitoes in Assam (DBT Twinning Programme) PI from Parent Institute: Seema Rani Pegu*, Dilip Kumar Sarma, Swaraj Rajkhowa and

PI from Collaborative Institute:  Baldev Raj Gulati

Jan. 2017 Dec. 2019 OXX03737
8 Scheduling Equines from Fatal Zoonotic disease-Glanders and Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) in India using Point of Care Diagnostic (POCD) H.S. Singha*and BN Tripathi March 2018 March 2020 OXX04100
9 Elucidating therapeutic role of

bacteriophages and encoded endolysins against multidrug resistant enteric pathogens of poultry

Taruna Anand* June 2018 May 2021 OXX04448
10 Exploration of genomic signatures for indigenous horses using next-generation sequencing approaches (DST-SERB) Anuradha Bhardwaj* Dec. 2018 Nov.


11 Pathogenicity and Immunogenicity of recombinant neurogenic and non neurogenic mutant equine herpesvirus 1 (in tissue explants and murine Model) and their potential as a vaccine candidates(s) Nitin Virmani* Jan.




12 Investigating mechanism underlying acquisition of antiviral drug resistance against host targeting agents. Naveen Kumar* and Sanjay Baura March, 19 March, 22 OXX04469