Year Landmark achievements
1985 Foundation of NRCE, Hisar
1987 Detection of first outbreak of equine influenza in northern India
1989 Establishment of Equine Production Campus, Bikaner
1990 Import of Poitou donkey from France
1995 Cryopreservation of Jack semen for AI
1996 Establishment of a herd of Marwari horses
1996 Production of carpet fabric by blending of donkey and sheep hair
1997 Release of inactivated equine influenza vaccine
2003 Award of Indian patent to HERP kit for diagnosis of EHV1 infection
2005 Development of mAb-based sELISA for detection of rotavirus
2005 Establishment of National Centre for Veterinary Type Culture (NCVTC)
2006 Collection and cryopreservation of stallion semen at farmer’s door
2006 Detection of outbreak of Glanders in equines
2008 Detection of second outbreak of equine influenza
2008 Release of ‘Equiherpes B-ELISA’ kit for EHV1 diagnosis
2009 Establishment of a herd of Zanskari ponies
2009 First report of Camelpox zoonosis
2010 Re-emergence of a case of equine infectious anemia
2010 Cryopreservation of Zanskari Stallion semen
2011 First report of Buffalopox virus causing concurrent disease in cow, buffalo and human
2011 Whole genome sequencing of Pasteurella multocida B:2 strain
2011 Whole genome sequencing of Japanese Encephalitis virus isolated from a horse
2011 Establishment of a herd of Small grey & Large white indigenous donkeys
2012 Organization of SAARC trainings on equine piroplasmosis under OIE Twinning Program
2012 Quinapyramine sulfate nanoformulation developed against Trypanosoma evansi
2012 Development of r-protein based ELISA for equine infectious anemia
2012 Whole genome sequencing of Bordetella bronchiseptica, Pasteurella multocida, Actinobacillus equuli, Salmonella Gallinarum
2012 Technique for Vermicomposting using equine dung optimized
2013 Establishment of Microbial Containment Laboratory (BSL-3)
2013 Establishment of ATIC and info-Equine Museum
2014 Development of r-protein based ELISA for diagnosis of Burkholderia mallei
2014 Development of r-HSP70 based ELISA for Trypanosoma evansi infection
2015 NRCE conferred Sardar Patel Outstanding ICAR Institution Award
2015 Release of ‘Equiherpabort vaccine’ for prevention of EHV1 abortions in mares
2015 Release of r-protein based Theileria equi antibody detection kit
2015 Whole genome sequencing of classical swine fever virus
2016 Organization of SAARC trainings on equine influenza and Glanders under OIE Twinning Programe
2016 Release of updated equine influenza vaccine
2016 Methodolgy for isolation of RNA virus from mixed infection developed
2017 Establishment of a herd of Kathiawari horses
2018 Ecotourism started at Equine Production Campus, Bikaner
2018 Release of ELISA kit for EHV1/4 and LFA for equine piroplasmosis