Vision & Mission for NRCE



Generation of relevant technologies in equine health and production and capacity building for competitive draught animal power (DAP) utilization in agriculture and rural transport and utilize other equine products and provide services particularly to the underprivileged members of the society under fast-changing environmental and socio-economic scenario.


  • Achieving freedom from dreaded equine diseases through development of modern diagnostics, vaccines and therapeutic agents and undertaking proper disease surveillance, monitoring and forecasting and providing strategic control and eradication measures.
  • Transfer of germplasm of superior donkey and indigenous horse breeds for improvement of horses and in their home tracts using A.I. and embryo transfer technology with an aim to establish embryo bank of Marwari and Kathiawari horses to enhance export of superior germplasm.
  • Enhancing performance of working equids especially in arid, semi-arid and mountainous regions.
  • Income generation through market intelligence activities especially through other products and services which equine can provide.


  • Basic and strategic research on equine health and production
  • To provide advisory and consultancy services and capacity development