Services offered by ICAR-NRCE

Services Offered by ICAR-NRCE

The Centre is providing not only consultancy and advisory services to its end users but also takes care about equine health, reproduction, conservation, evaluation and improvement of the equine germ plasm. The technologies developed by the Centre in the areas of equine health, reproduction and production are assessed and refined by testing in the field before these are transferred to the equine owners directly or through the established institutions of State Animal husbandry Departments and other Government agencies, practising veterinarians and equine industry by providing appropriate literature, organization of training courses, publication of information bulletins and organization of seminar, symposia, exhibits and horse show etc.


The Centre provides consultancy and advisory services efficiently and effectively to the beneficiaries in the areas of equine health and production, by providing (i) schedules for vaccination, deworming and other preventive sprays to control arthropod vectors of infectious agents, (ii) package of practices for the production of superior quality mules and donkeys by employing artificial insemination and superior donkey germplasm, and (iii) early pregnancy diagnosis through ultrasonography. The diagnosis, treatment and prevention of infectious and non-infectious disease conditions are being done for the benefit of the poorest of the poors, who cannot afford the cost of equine health care. The Centre has adopted one village near Bikaner in Rajasthan and another village in Hisar district in Haryana to provide the services free of cost to the equine owners by making frequent visits. Adoption of more villages and poor equine owners is underway.

  • ICAR-NRCE provides various services to the farmers, equine breeders, and other stakeholders (police and army horses) which include disease diagnostic services, artificial insemination in equids to produce superior quailty germplasm in the country.
  • Providing health certification for export-import of horses and those participating in equestrian events.
  • Training of equine owners and field veterinarians: ICAR-NRCE provides timely help and support to equine owners by organizing health camps, kisan goshthis and farmers interactive meets, etc. by disseminating the knowledge and technologies on equine health, production and management for optimal rearing of the equines.
  • 24-hour Info Equine Helpline (Kisan Call Centre): ICAR-NRCE has started 24-Hour Helpline at Hisar (1800-180-1233) and (1800-180-6225) Bikaner Centre to provide information and to address problems of equine stakeholders.


Rates Fixed for Testing


Services Offered at EPC, Bikaner(Subcompus of  ICAR-NRCE)

  • Elite horse, donkey and mule production for conservation and propagation of equines
  • Artificial insemination and pregnancy diagnosis
  • Cryopreservation of elite germplasm of equine breeds and species
  • Training on different aspects of equine husbandry
  • Organisation of health camps and farmers’ meetings for close interaction and problem solving.
  • Participation in animal fairs, farmers’ fair, print and electronic media programmes for showcasing the technologies and providing various services.
  • Advisory and problem-solving services through Toll Free Telephone
  • Disease diagnostic services for equine diseases
  • Providing vaccines of important diseases of equines
  • Promoting equine ecotourism for conservation and propagation of equines