ncvtc project



Sr. No. Title Team Duration To PIMS Code
1 Authentication and accessioning of viruses of animal origin (Service Project) Sanjay Barua*, Naveen Kumar, B.C. Bera, Riyesh T. and Taruna Anand May 2015 Service Project IXX11882
2 Phenotypic and genotypic authentication and preservation of network bacterial isolates R.K. Vaid*, Taruna Anand, B.C. Bera, Riyesh T. and K. Shanmugasundaram June, 2015 March 2020 IXX11884
3 Development of bacteriophage repository and exploring the therapeutic potential of phages and their encoded endolysin Taruna Anand*, Nitin Virmani, R.K. Vaid and B.C. Bera April 2017 March 2020 IXX13982
4 Isolation, characterization and reposition of enteric viruses of poultry NCVTC: Riyesh T.*, Naveen Kumar, Sanjay Barua and

LUVAS: Naresh Jindal

June, 2017 May 2020 IXX13988
5 Isolation, characterization and generation of repository of Mycobacterium species Shanmugasundaram K.*, R.K. Vaid, B.C. Bera and B.N. Tripathi Oct. 2017 Sept. 2020 IXX13994
6. Development of Knockout cell by CRISPR/Cas9-mediated genome editing Naveen Kumar*, Sanjay Kumar, Sanjay Barua, Riyesh T, Balvinder Kumar April 2018 March 2019 IXX14586
7. Prevalence studies for porcine respiratory viruses and development of their repository B.C. Bera*, Sanjay Barua and T. Anand

(N. Virmani was Co-PI upto 8th Aug., 2018)

January 2016 March 2020 IXX12436