Equine Production




Title Team Date of Start Date of Completion PIMS Code
1 Genetic characterization of Marwari horses for selection of true to breed animals Anuradha Bhardwaj*, Yash Pal, SC Mehta w.e.f. May 2018, A.K.Gupta, Mamta Chauhan, and Vijay Kumar


(A.K.Gupta w.e.f. Oct. 2017, Mamta Chauhan w.e.f. June 2018 and Vijay Kumar w.e.f. March 2017)

July 2015


June 2019


2 Approaches to the diagnosis and management of reproductive failure in equines T.R. Talluri*, J. Singh, R.K. Vaid and R.A. Legha


(S.K. Ravi was PI upto 7th Aug., 2018)

May 2016 March, 2019 IXX12994
3 Assessment and optimization of equine management in an intensive system (Service Project) S.C. Mehta*,  R. A. Legha, Yash Pal, R K Dedar, P A Bala, T R Talluri, S K Ravi and J Singh. June 2016 Service Project IXX13192
4 Area specific mineral mixture for equine of Rajasthan R. K. Dedar* and R. Nehra (RAJUVAS)


(PA Bala was PI upto 7th Aug., 2018)

May, 2016 Oct. 2018 IXX13195
5 Assessment of risk factors of equine laminitis and colic EPC: Ramesh Kumar Dedar*, P.A. Bala and

RAJUVAS:  Sakar Palecha

Sept. 2016 August 2019 IXX12693
6 Enduracne and fertility analysis in indigenous horses using SNP (single nucleotide polymorphisms) markers S.C. Mehta*, R.K. Dedar, T.R. Talluri and S.K. Ravi Oct. 2017 Sept. 2020 IXX13995
7 Assessment, evaluation and identification of physical, biochemical and genetic factors affecting stallion fertility T.R. Talluri*, SC Mehta, Yashpal, Anuradha Bhardwaj April 2018 March 2021 IXX14589
8 Development of rapid diagnostic test for pregnancy diagnosis in horse mares Yash Pal*, Sanjay Kumar and Sanjay Kr. Ravi Jan. 2015 Dec. 2018 IXX11645
9 Studies on antitumor and antiviral potential of some plant extracts Dr. R.K. Dedar*,

Dr. Naveen Kumar and

Dr. B.N. Tripathi

Nov., 2018 Oct. 2019 IXX14758
10 Studies on bioactive components of donkey milk and its application Dr. Anuradha Bhardwaj Dec. 2018 March 2020 IXX14933