Dr. Bidhan Chandra Bera

Discipline: Biotechnology (Animal Science)
E-mail ID : bcbpatent@gmail.com



Area of Research Interests:

At present, I am working in the field of molecular diagnostics and evolution of Equine influenza
virus. I am also involved in molecular epidemiological studies of equine influenza and zoonotic
camelpox and buffalopox virus infections. Further, I am developing the clone repository and
sequence data bank of different genes of the vast species and strains of bacteria and viruses
available in the Veterinary Type Culture Collection, Hisar.


1999 August to 2001 July: Master in Animal Biotechnology (Specialization: Ultrasound Guided
Ovum Pick-Up Technology), National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal, Haryana, India.
2001 September to 2005 October: Ph.D. in Veterinary Biotechnology, Division of Veterinary
Biotechnology, Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar, Bareilly, U.P. India: Developed
bovine IL-2 & beta defensin DNA construct for genetic immunotherapy of bovine mastitis;
recombinant bovine IL-2 and beta defensin based treatment of bovine mastitis.
2004 February to 2008 February: Worked as an Examiner of Patents & Designs in the area of
Biotechnology at the Patent Office, Kolkata, India. I have experiences in Patenting system in
India and examination procedure of Patent application in the area of Biotechnology; formal and
technical examination of Patent Application (Indian & Foreign) as per Indian Patent Law, which
includes novelty search, technical non-obviousness and utility of the invention and related areas.
Training imparted: 12 days training has been imparted to the International Delegates from
Royal Government of Bhutan as a committee member in regard to the Publication and Piracy of
Industrial Designs at the Patent Office, Kolkata, from 11 June 2007 to 22 June 2007.

Research Projects:

1. Development of protein expression clone repository of virulence associated genes of
zoonotic buffalopox and equine influenza viruses
2. Isolation, molecular characterization and reposition of viruses of animal origin
3. Isolation, maintenance and characterization of bacterial pathogens and their molecular identification
4. Development of diagnostics for equine influenza
5. Genetic and antigenic differentiation of equine influenza viruses

Selected Publications of the last five years:
1. Bera, B.C., Shanmugasundaram, K., Barua, S., Venkatesan, G., Virmani, N., Riyesh, T.,Gulati, B.R., Bhanuprakash, V., Vaid, R.K., Kakker, N.K., Malik, P., bansal, M., Gadvi,S., Singh, R.V., Yadav, V., Sardarilal, Nagarajan, G., Balamurugan, V., Hosamani, M.,Pathak, K.M. and Singh, R.K. 2011. Zoonotic cases of Camelpox infection in India. Vet.Microbiol.152 (1-2): 29-38.

2. Virmani, N., Bera, B. C., Shanumugasundaram, K., Singh, B.K., Gulati, B.R. and Singh, R.K. 2011. Genetic analysis of the matrix and non-structural genes of equine influenza virus (H3N8) from epizootic of 2008-09 in India. Vet. Microbiol. 152 (1-2): 169-75.

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